Saltus Grammar School is a high achieving co-educational, independent day school educating students between the ages of 4 and 18. It is the premier independent school in Bermuda and enjoys an excellent reputation in the international community. The school is located in the capital of Bermuda, Hamilton. It is an accredited member of CAIS (Canadian Accredited Independent Schools). The school combines the three pillars of our mission to offer students an educational experience that is second to none: academic excellence, service to others and personal integrity. Strong pastoral support is provided through the Advisory programme and our students have the opportunity to take part in a very wide range of extracurricular and community service opportunities. A global dimension is inspired by our blend of the best of the English National Curriculum and North American curriculum, preparing students effectively for the next stage of their learning journey through life.

Saltus: Your future starts here!

Founded in 1888 as a boys' grammar school, Saltus became fully co-educational in 1991, a change matched by extensive building renovation. Over 900 students are educated in three constituent schools: Lower Primary (Foundation Year, Saltus 1 & 2), which has its own separate campus, Upper Primary (Saltus 3, 4, 5 & 6) and the Secondary Department (Saltus 7 – 11) which also includes the Saltus Graduate Years (Saltus 12 & 13). Both Upper Primary and the Secondary Department share the main campus on the northwestern outskirts of Hamilton.

We are proud of the rich diversity of our school community. 65% of our students are Bermudian; 35% are from the international community which (through international finance, insurance, trust management and tourism) forms a central part of the Bermudian economy. Saltus is proud to have educated many leading figures in Bermuda's political and business world along with members of almost every leading family in Bermudian society. It is equally proud of the flexibility with which it has led educational change.

The international curriculum blends the best of both British and American traditions. Saltus is proud to offer a fully differentiated curriculum to a broad range of ability, with the Academic Support Services providing support and extension programmes to fully cater for the needs of all of our students. The school has invested substantially in information technology. Laptops are fully integrated into the classroom for every student over the age of 10, and every classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard or large screen TV and Apple TV.  There is an extensive programme of staff development and support to fully utilize our technology-rich environment. Results in the PSAT, SAT, AP and IGCSE (following Cambridge Edexcel and AQA syllabuses) are excellent. IGCSE results for the past 5 years were particularly outstanding with 100% of students achieving success in the IGCSE examinations. That results are so good is a tribute to excellent teaching and also to extremely well-motivated students and wonderfully supportive families. After IGCSE, the tradition is North American - reflecting the preferred destination of most Saltus graduates for university education. The "Saltus Graduate Years" (SGY), or sixth form, mirrors the US 'Senior Year' in offering first class preparation for higher and further education, many courses offering the College Board's Advanced Placement (AP) examinations. Of an average of 50 students in SGY 2, 95% traditionally enter universities in the USA, Canada and the UK, with placements ranging from US schools such as Princeton, Yale, Brown and MIT to Canada's University of Western Ontario, Queen's and McGill, to Edinburgh in the UK.

School life is enriched by a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. The Athletics programme is excellent, supported by an on-site swimming pool and large gymnasium - and we lead the field in soccer and hockey, with teams regularly competing overseas. Music is well established with the Upper Primary and Secondary Department orchestras, a Secondary Wind Band and the acclaimed Saltus Jazz Band which has opened for international musicians at Bermuda's own annual Music Festival. Students also achieve outstanding examination success with the Royal Schools of Music examinations. Debate offers students the opportunity to compete locally and overseas, and also to represent Bermuda at the annual World Schools Debate Championships and the International Independent Schools Public Speaking Championships. Drama productions, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, the Saltus Island Project, the Sailing Club and many other extra-curricular activities offer something for everyone.

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