Drama at Saltus

The Drama department at Saltus is an exciting place to be. Our aim is to provide a broad curriculum, which challenges students to reach their full creative potential. Middle school students have the opportunity to learn about a range of topics in a fun and active context, whilst learning to use essential drama techniques. This is an excellent preparation for GCSE Drama in which students learn about the rich history of theatre practice both practically and theoretically.  

We offer a range of performance opportunities throughout the year, both through the curriculum and as part of the extracurricular program. Students have been to the Stratford International Theatre Festival in Ontario, where GCSE and A Level Drama students saw four world-class productions from Shakespeare to Beckett and beyond!  This year students went to NYC.  We also attend many performances throughout the year at home in Bermuda.  Every year we stage numerous productions giving many students the opportunity to take part in drama outside of the curriculum.  Learning through drama provides a unique and active insight into history, literature, and society. We prepare our learners to be confident communicators, adept problem solvers and above all to be to be active participants in an ever changing global context. We invite you to get involved! 

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